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Over the past few months I have been trying to expand my knowledge of Android development and this was a great supplement on the subject of Fragments.

The in depth coverage of the topics were of a very high standard as I have come to expect of most Packt Publications.

This is a must read for any serious Android developer



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8727EN_Microsoft SQL Server Analysis_Frontcover_0

Instant Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service 2012 Dimensions and Cube is an interesting introduction to the technology  is a very compact book and covers the installation  in detail.

The book very briefly covers topics like SQL Server 2012 supplementary peripherals like Analysis services and Reporting services also introduction to administration and creation of SQL server instances.

It touches on how to develop dimensions and develop cubes in a SQL Server scenario then points out five important features with very little detail.

I would recommend this book only as a short introduction to Microsoft SQL Server.

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Learning Stencyl 3x Game Development Beginner guide is a very detailed book covering all the needed topics on how to use Stencyl and make your first game.

This book is a great introduction to the software but it also give some good coverage of the key concepts in general Game Development, like Behaviours, Collisions, Animations and sound.

The Chapter on polishing the game touches on quite a few unique problems that game developers face regularly, like pausing the game ,  creating menus and level progression.

The final chapter on Mobile games touch on all the mobile only features and how to use and implement these.

Over all it was a good read and I enjoyed it, I would possibly recommend this book as an introduction to game programming for teens or kids that would like to get started in game development. Stencyl is more visually oriented, which makes it easier for even non programmers to use. If you want to use Stencyl for a commercial project this book would be a great introduction to how concepts are presented in Stencyl and how to use it.

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Mastering Windows 8 C++ App development is a good read I did enjoy it.

It has a good introduction to the tools needed for Win8 Development and WinRT it covers in detail the project structures, which is always something that is lacking in these kind of books.

Covers how C++ has evolved  with a brief  section on the newer features of C++ 11 like nullptrs, Lambdas, auto and smart pointers .

It covers building a UI using XAML in great detail, so when you finish you should be able to build a UI of your own.

Most developers would dissect API them selves and learn that way but this is a good book to supplement the knowledge gained by working with the API.

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I have been working in game development for a while now and the longer I work the more I feel like knowing more about network development specifically in games and similar application. I have read a lot about network programming and this laid a great foundation for reading this book. You can use Boost.Asio to write client code as well as server code,  it makes it a lot easier than writing your own TCP and UDP libraries.

The book is well organized with a great introduction to the basics of  synchronous and asynchronous  networking although if you don’t know your way around TCP and UDP you might want to do some extra reading before picking up this book. Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming does have a good introduction to how to use the Boost.Asio libraries.

The installation of Boost.Asio is not covered at all but you can find a good guide online by just searching for it.

The book covers the use of Boost.Asio in great detail from a small “hello world” equivalent for  network programmers showing synchronous and asynchronous implementations for it. The examples of more complex code is quite interesting and can easily be adapted for future use in your own projects.

There is a very small section on SSL but if are familiar with the principals it you can see how everything fit together.

I recommend this book as a guide to using Boost.Asio but if you are new to network programming in general this book is not for you.

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Over the years I have learned a multitude of languages ranging from Pascal, PHP, C++ and a few others. Every time the keyword high performance pops up C++ also pop up. Over the last few months I have been looking into game development and mobile development. I picked up Android Native Development Kit Cookbook  with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. The cookbook covers a good range of topics from the basic steps of getting up and running to porting native C++ libraries for use in Android Applications.

The first few chapters have a very good step by step introduction to help setup of NDK within Windows, Linux and OSx. It also include a great guide on how to get up and running with eclipse.  The progression in the book is well planned and the steps from moving from “Hello World”  to using OpenGL ES.

To quote a line from the book not everyone need to use native development, using C++ does not equal better performance, and building a full app in C++ using the NDK just adds a bunch of complexity that you do not need. On the other hand a good place where the NDK would help would be with high calculation applications where you can extract a calculation and build it into a compiled binary to process faster directly on the operating system.

I would not recommend this book to C++ or Android beginners but if your comfortable in both or at least one it can be a very handy tool.

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This book is a well written piece of literature although I would have expected the book to be a little more focused. Coming from a database background a lot of this information was things that apply to all SQL DB’s. The sections that cover android programming are put together with a specific use in mind. This book will give you a good overview of the options available to you for android, but only an introduction to the details. The case studies do give you a good idea of when to use which storage option.

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299 days (9 months, 25 days) and the final submission has been made.  Indigo Jam Games have submitted Deathtrap Dungeon a Fighting Fantasy inspired   action adventure game.

We taught our selves Unreal Development Kit, and we developed great social skills and formed a very strong core team.

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I recently started looking into android animations.

I got hold of Android 3.0 Animations: Beginner’s Guide, this has helped me a lot. It covers everything from very basic animation using individual images, surfaces and Live wall papers.

It has good example code and it explains everything in detail.

You need a background in Java/Android development before taking on this book as it is not covered in this book.

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